Introduction: Duck Tape Mohawk!! (Liberty Spike Type)

well im sorry to say this but this ones kind of for bald people because duck tape doesnt stick well to hair (and hurts to take out) but for those w/ no hair and a passion for duck tape and like mohawks but cant have one for any various reasons.... this ones for you! im sorry for the lack of pictures but its pretty simple with out them.

Step 1: Materials!!! (you Need These Things)

Scissors (optional, for those who cant tear the tape)
Surface that wont compromise the stick of the tape (School books work fine)

Step 2: Head Measure

get a piece of duck tape the length of your head and cut it

next stick to the smooth surface, i choose the lit book because i wasnt using it and i figured it would work

Step 3: Paper Spikes

Roll the paper into spikes of a desired length and wrap them with tape

Step 4: Attachmentizing

i made the word up to make it sound fancy...
attach the spikes to the strip of tape and reinforce the assembly
tape it to your head and reinforce the head tapeafying as well... (i made that word up too)

Step 5: Criticism

this is my first instructable so please criticize me constructively... the other stuff ill ignore and coming soon Duck Tape mohawk hat!!! this thing only works once regretfully