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I wanted a Father's day & Birthday banner for the DIY'ers in my life...
I felt like Duct Tape might be just the right texture. ;)

Father's Day & Birthdays are all really close around here, so I made the banner so I could switch out the letters in a day, by stringing them on some ribbon.

Step 1: Cut Out Some Cardboard Triangles

I used packaging right from my recycling bin.

Step 2: Add Your Letters, Choose a Stencil Font

  • I printed out some letters that fit, from a stencil font.
    (This was important so I didn't lose the insides of the letter forms.)
  • I traced the letters, pressing hard enough to make a mark on the cardboard with a ball point pen.
  • Then I retraced the lines, so they were easy to see.

Step 3: Cut Out the Letters

I used an exact-o-knife to cut out all the letter bits.

Step 4: Taping the Banner

This is a "rinse & repeat" process.

  • Put some tape down
  • Cut where it covered the holes
  • Fold the cut portions over

... rinse and repeat

Step 5: Reinforcement for Some Letters

A couple of letters (like the "A" here), would start to droop, with the added weight of the tape.

I added small pieces of wire, to give them some extra strength.
I taped the wire on the back, and then kept covering over it with tape.

Step 6: Ta Daaa

I added holes in the corners, and strung it up with ribbon.

By adding the letters "B" and "I" when I made my banner, I could easily change the sign from "Happy Father's Day" to "Happy Birthday"

Step 7: * Pro Tip

I also created some "blank" triangles, so I could tape up changing information from time to time.

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