Introduction: Duct Tape Bow Tie - Kitty Cat Edition

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I've always loved duct tape.  Making things out of duct tape was a hobby of mine back in grade school, and has stuck with me for years to follow.  When I decided my cat Schrödinger needed a bow tie, duct tape was the first material to come to mind.

What You Will Need:
Duct Tape
A willing cat (preferably one that doesn't eat duct tape!)

Note:  No kitty cats were harmed in the making of this instructable. 

Step 1: Make the Base of the Tie

Cut a roughly 10" strip of duct tape.  Being very careful to get it straight and not leave any bubbles, fold it in half and line up the ends.  Press the sticky sides together to create a sealed piece of duct tape cloth.

Cut another strip of duct tape of the same length.  Overlap your last piece of duct tape cloth about 1/2" onto the new duct tape, making sure that the long edges are parallel.  Line up the edges and fold the duct tape in half, sealing the sticky sides once more.

Make sure to trim all the edges leaving no leftover sticky spots.  Remember, this is going on a cat.  Cats have fur.  and teeth.  and claws.  Cats really don't like getting duct tape in their fur, or they can use those teeth and claws to inform you of such.

Step 2: Folding the Bow Tie

Fold each side of your duct tape cloth up at a right angle from the end of the overlap (you can see and feel it through the duct tape.)   It will flatten out a bit, but that is okay.  Just make sure you can see the bend lines.

 Next, fold each in half at a right angle toward the outside of the duct tape cloth.

Accordion-fold one side along the bend lines into the center, and then fold the other side onto it as well.  Tape in place.  One side should make an "S" and the other side should make more of a "2" shape.

Step 3: Unfolding the Bow Tie

Gently pull each of the two flaps to unfold one side of the bow tie.  Using your fingers, "pop" the side of the bow tie inside out.  Repeat with the other side.

When both sides are flipped out, gently press the tie flat against the table with the palm of your hand.  This ensures a crisp, upright look on the cat.

Step 4: Creating the Neck-piece

Take a piece of duct tape long enough to go around your cat's neck roughly 1-1/4 times.  (I recommend measuring with string, not duct tape.)  About an inch away from each end, cut slits 1/3 of the way through the duct tape.  

Fold each side of the duct tape down from the slit to the other end, overlapping the sides.  Leave the last inch after the slit alone.

Step 5: Reinforcement and Finishing Touches

Add a 2" strip of duct tape to the sticky end of your neck-piece, making sure that the lines/strings of the duct tape are running the opposite direction.

Place the bow flat on the neck-piece and tape in place by wrapping a piece of duct tape around the neck-piece and center of the bow tie.

Step 6: Dress Up Cat

Schrödinger was SO excited about her new bow tie.

To place it on your cat, simple wrap around the neck allowing ample room to breathe.  Make sure the cat cannot slip out of it, and if your cat starts eating it ABORT THE ATTEMPT.  Duct tape is not good for cat's digestion.

Use the reinforced duct tape at one end of the neck piece.  Over the loose end of the neck-piece, fold daown one side of the duct tape, and then the other.  Once again, make sure there is no loose sticky stuff.  Don't hurt your kitty!

Schrödinger is a very laid back cat.  She pretty much ignored the bow tie once it was on and went about her day.  If it annoys your cat, please take it off.  Not all cats like to play dress-up.

Step 7: Enjoy! You Now Have a Cat in a Bow Tie!

Enjoy your epic kitty cat.

Like I said, Schrödinger pretty much just went about her day as usual.  I took pictures (and disturbed her comfyness) in a variety of places.

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