Introduction: Duct Tape Hammock

Make a Hammock out of Duct Tape and every household materials in 3 Easy steps:

Step 1: Woodworks (Preparing the wooden rods)
Step 2: Duct Tape Heaven
Step 3: Rope it up

2 wooden rods (Broom or mop will do)
Duct Tape : 50m

Drilling machine 
6 mm drill
Good mood :)

Step 1:

Step 1: WoodWorkds

1.Take 2 wooden rods(20 mm Diameter). I took my old Broom and mop.
2.Saw the rods to get 90 cm length.
3. Drill two 6 mm holes at 30 mm from each end of each rod. (The hole diameter depends on the diameter of the rope you will use)
4. Recommended tip - polish the preccessed area of the wood to avoid splinters.

Step 2:

Step 2: Duct Tape
To your convinience I will devide this step into 2 main substeps:
Substep 2.1
This is the most time consuming step.
a. Place the Rods (which we prepared in step 1) at a distance of 220cm from one another. Make sure to fix their position (I used Duct Tape to fix it to the floor however i recommend fixing the position elevated from the floor to prevent back pain)
b. Wrap 6 long peices of 50mm duct tape with approximatly 50 mm of spacing between pieces (wrap back and forth and tighten together).

Step 3:

Step 2: Duct Tape
Substep 2.2:
1. Wrap 10 pieces of 50 mm Duct tape with approximately 150 mm of spacing betwwen them. (in vertical to the pieces in step 2).
2.Make sure that 2 pieces (out of the 10) are taped tightly near the wooden rod (to prevent the longtitudional duct tape from opening).
3.We now obtained a web of duct tape (this will take our weight when we sit in the hammock)

Step 4:

Step 3: Rope It Up

1. Take the rope and cut 2 even pieces (length depends on the distance between the supports you are intending to hang your hammock on)
2. Insert each end of the rope into the holes we drilled in step 1.
3. Make sure that you have even length of rope emerging from each hole
4. Bring the ropes together (forming an isosceles triangle) and tie a not (make sure to leave enough rope for the supports.
5. After you have done this on both sides.. your done! 

Step 5:

Now you have your brand new Duct Tape Hammock. 
Just go outside, hang it up and enjoy the breeze... 

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