Introduction: Duct Tape Mailbox

Well, a Duct-Tape COVERED Mailbox.

Warning: This isn't a "proper" 'ible with step-by-step instructions and pics of the build in progress. I didn't think of that at the time.

Still, 'ible followers are a bright bunch - you'll figure it out just by a glance at the finished product.

So here goes:

After the duct tape outdoors contest stopped taking new entries I set aside my colored tape for furure projects.
The sun came out and so, it was time to start on all the home maintainence projects that had snuck up on me.

Among them was painting the tired-looking mailbox in front of the house.

I had just gathered all my paints and started removing the box from the post when my wife happened to look out the front door and said, "Hey, why are you painting when you've got all that red,white, and blue duct tape sitting around? Why don't you cover it with duct tape stripes?"

Well, of course!

With a quick consultation, the design took shape.

After the basic red, white, blue design was applied, the next question arose: "Shouldn't you have a couple of stars on it? And, shouldn't there be a number?"


Luckily, I happened to have a star template of the right size and some permanent markers took care of the house number.

So here it is: Ecce mailbox (U.S. Postal System approved)

And a tip of the (duct tape) hat to my wife for suggesting it.