Introduction: Duct Tape Necklace

Here is a Duct Tape Necklace, this has the ability to be any color you want it to be. This technique can also yield chains that can be used for many other projects.

Step 1: Making the Rods

Start by cutting a 13 inch strip of duct tape in half. To make it easier I measured my work space and put a different color piece across it, then I could line up the piece I will cut to it quickly and speed up the whole process. Lay the half strip sticky side down on a giant mouse pad. Then starting at a side, pick up a small bit of the duct tape and pinch it over on the non sticky side. I use both hands at a time doing this and only do about an inch at a time till I do the whole length of it. At this point I have really pushed the duct tape into the mouse pad and I need to break the bond it has developed. Tear up the strip and gently lay it back down and lightly get the creases out, till it's laying flat again on the mouse pad. Place your fingers evenly across the strip and push forward. This technique WILL take lots of practice to get it perfect. Once finished rolling it you will have a sticky rod. On a giant mouse pad I can make rods 12-16 inches long on a standard mouse pad I can make rods between 9 and 11 inches.

Next cut a color piece of duct tape in half and lay it sticky side up. Carefully place the sticky rod on the edge of the strip and push forward evenly. We need to make enough of these rods to have 24, 3 inch sections. Making the rods longer and cutting them to size will save time and duct tape.

Step 2: Making the Chain

Take a 3 inch rod find the seam and bend it into a circle so the seam is on the inside. Grab a one inch square piece of duct tape and wrap it around the joint. Put the next rod through the link you just made and tape it closed. Keep repeating until you get to 23 links. With the 24th rod loop it through both ends and tape it closed. all done but try different colors too like black rods and red joint tape or all gold for big time bling. I'd love to see what you can make!