Introduction: Duct Tape Lamp Shade With Design

I am not a lamp shade expert or something like that but I have seen many lamp shades made from different materials like plastic or cloth but one thing that no one could say was they saw a lamp shade made from duct tape.

Step 1: What You Will Need.

To start this lampshade you will need the follows tools and supplies.

- A lamp preferably without a lampshade
- 1.25 mm or similar galvanized steel wire
- 2.5 mm similar galvanized steel wire
- Duct tape
- A4 filing sleeve (Not shown)

- Needle nose pliers
- Average pliers as shown in my Tool Roll instructable or similar
- Ruler
- Permanent marker (Not shown)
- Utility Knife (Not shown)

Step 2: Wires and Wired Up.

I started by making a ring that will become the bottom of the lamp shade. I just guessed the size since I wasn't to fuzzy about the size. I used the thick wire to make the skeleton of the shade and the thinner wire to keep it all together.

Once my ring was cut, I used the thin wire by rolling it tightly around of about 25mm of wire overlap.

The ruler was then used to check the roundness of the ring.  It is important to fix problems as you go along because a problem later on could be disastrous.

The arm that was holding the shade to the lamp bend so that it interlocks into each other. The arms was made by bending it into a U shape first and then by bending the arms backwards.

Once the arms are done, add them to the lamp and place the wire ring on top. 

Step 3: Domed

Next step is to make the dome that forms the top of the lamp shade.

This has to be done with a light bulb to check that it will clear. The bulb was still in the lamp when when i started but for safety sake I am changing it to a energy saving bulb that will not get as hot as a regular bulb will. 

I just the size and I used the pliers to cut it to size and again used the pliers to bend a 15mm long 90degree angle at the tips.

The angled bend will serve as a way to attach the two wire in a dome like configuration. I also attached it by rolling thin wire around the bend and then ring.

A second ring was made to fit inside the dome and was again attached with the thin wire.

Step 4: The Tape

I started by taping a strip across the wire that forms part of the dome.

I then taped a ring around the edge. When done I tabbed and folded the the around the corners.

The next is to apply the tape across the dome to completely cover the whole lamp.

I decide to test the lamp, and by testing the lamp I saw that the duct tape was shining through, to fix this I just taped on second layer.

Step 5: The Stars, They Shine So Bright.

I took a permanent marker and made a free handed drawing of a star and moon design on the lamp.

Once I was happy with my design I took a utility knife and cut the forms away in my design.
 The result was that there was a hole in where the cutout was made. To keep the design flat I took a filing sleeve and made little square with I stuck on the inside of the design. If the lampshade was duct taped correctly the sticky side should be inside.

Step 6: Light Show

All finished at last. I decided to use the lamp with my duct tape shade in the spare room, but with the same or different designs it could be also used in different rooms around the house example a child's room .

Like I said for safety sake I am changing it to a energy saving bulb that will not get as hot as a regular bulb will.

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