Introduction: NFC Coaster

NFC Coaster with a graphic work.

Step 1: Design Your Graphic Work

4 in X 4 in design in Adobe Illustrator.

Step 2: Choose Your Material

I used 1/16iin chip board, but wood or cork would works better for a coaster.

Step 3: Create Cutting Line in Adobe Illustrator

I just wanted to cut 4 in diameter circle with 1 inch diameter circle hole in the center of the coaster to put NFC chip in it.

I only used this machine and it might be different for other cutting machine but I set the line thickness as 0.1 pt and set the color to red.

Step 4: Attach Graphic Work and NFC on the Back

Attach graphic work using adhesive spray, and 1 inch circle shape NFC tag on the back.

I bought NFC tag through Amazon. Looks like it's currently out of stock, but there are many other choices just make sure you check the size of the tag.

Step 5: Now Use It

Use it as coaster or you can link your business website to use as promotional material.

To add the link to the tag, I just downloaded free app called, Trigger, from my smart phone and added the link in the app.