Introduction: Dutch Apple Pie

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Dutch Apple Pie combines the best of both worlds: the even slices and crust of the Apple Pie and the delicious crumb topping of the Apple Crisp.

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Many, including me, prefer making apple crisp when they are in a rush - this can be solved by purchasing frozen pie crusts and thawing them ahead of time. However, some also make apple crisp for the sole reason of that sought-after golden crunch: the brown sugar and oats Crumb Topping that layers Apple Crisp and probably gives both of its names; the American name "Apple Crisp" and the British "Apple Crumble."

Dutch Apple Pie includes both; the crust is still on the bottom, but instead of using another crust to deck the top of the pie, save that crust and sprinkle on some good old crumb topping, which replicates the taste and texture of Apple Crisp. This is actually how my recipe is a bit different than most Dutch Apple Pies, which typically do without oats, and don't cut in the butter, but instead melt the butter, and mix everything together. This is fine, but I wanted the crumb topping the be closer to the topping used on Apple Crisp, so I added oats to the recipe, but stuck with the Dutch Apple Pie method of melting the butter, which makes the process of making the crumb topping easier.

One of my problems with making apple pie in the past was that, no matter the recipe I used, the filling in the pie would sometimes randomly be watery and without consistency, and some pies would be perfectly fine. I eliminated the odds by calling for a mixture of both cornstarch and flour, thus ending up with a perfect consistency, where the apples clung together in sugary syrup-like texture, just as apple pie should be.

Two recommendations:

Cover the apple pie with aluminum foil during the last half of the baking period to ensure that it does not burn around the edges or even in the middle of the crumb topping.

To mix things up, try two different types of apples for the filling; for instance, half McIntosh half Granny Smith.

Step 1: Ingredients:


Filling and Crust (pic no.1)

1 homemade/store-bought pie crust, thawed

3 Granny Smith apples

3 McIntosh Apples

3 Tbs. Flour

2 tsp. Cornstarch

1 Tbs. Lemon Juice

½ Cup Sugar

¼ Cup Brown Sugar

1 tsp. Cinnamon

¼ tsp. Salt

⅛ tsp. Nutmeg

Topping (pic no.2)

¾ Cup Flour

¾ Cup Oats

½ Cup Butter, softened

½ Cup Brown Sugar

Step 2: The Crust

Preheat oven to 375.

Line a pie dish with the thawed uncooked pie crust. Place in oven and bake briefly for 5 minutes. Set to the side.

Step 3: Apples

Core, peel, and slice your apples. Toss with lemon juice.

Step 4: The Spices

In a separate bowl, combine flour, cornstarch, sugars, cinnamon, salt, and nutmeg. Add to the apple mixture, and stir to coat apples.

Step 5: The First Bake

Dump apples into the prepared pie pan, and bake for 10 minutes, whilst putting together your topping:

Step 6: The Topping

In a medium bowl, mix the topping ingredients until they come together in as a moist mixture. If it is still very dry, gradually add some vegetable oil until the problem is solved.

Step 7: The Second Bake

Sprinkle over apple mixture and finish the baking process, another 40+ minutes, until apple mixture is boiling and the topping is browned.

Step 8: Serve and Enjoy!

Take out of oven, and cool a bit before serving, if serving warm. If not, then chill for 5+ hours before eating.

(If you serve hot, the mixture will not hold together as well)