Introduction: Dutch Oven Rice With Pork Long Sausage and Green Pigeon Peas

I made this recipe in one Boy Scout camp for my Troop. All the kids and adult like this recipe. This photos were taken at an activiy were I made this recipie. The recipe is a modify version of our traditional Rice with green peas.

Recipe name: Dutch Oven Rice with Pork Long Sausage and Green Pigeon Peas

Ingredients (US measures):

How much needed / What ingredient

2 cups Parboiled rice

1 Onion

1 Green pepper

1 Red pepper

3 Pork Long Sausage

1/2 tablespoon Oregano

1 can Green Pigeon Peas

1 Bay Leave

1 tablespoon Olive Oil

To taste Sal / Pepper / Seasoning

1 Banana Leaf (optional)

2 cups Water


12 inch Dutch Oven

25-30 briquettes Charcoal

Olive oil to season Dutch oven

Servings for 4-5 persons

Step 1: ​Preheat Duct Oven

Preheat duct oven to 400 degrees and season Dutch Oven with light coat of olive oil

(About 30 briquettes 20 on top and 10 below)

Step 2: Add Ingridients

Add chopped Olive oil, green peppers, red peppers and stir and let cook for about 2 -3 minutes

Step 3: Add Sausage

Add chopped, in circles, Pork Long Sausage and let them cook for 5 to 8 minutes with lid on

Step 4: Add Seasoning

Add Sal, pepper, bay leave and Seasoning.

Stir all ingredients

Step 5: Stir Rice

On 25 minute mark, Stir Rice and check the rice to see if need more time to cook.

Add Banna Leave for flavoring(optional)

Let it cook about 10 to 15 more minutes with lid on.

Step 6: Add Rice and Water

Add rice and water and stir.

Let it cook with the lid for 25 minutes on 300 degrees

(About 14 briquettes on top and 6 bellow)

Step 7: Serve and Enjoy!

Remove coals from Dutch oven.

Serve and enjoy!


You can add 1/2 cup per person of uncooked rice if you need more person to feed.

Watch the temperature during cooking to see if you need more coals or less deepening on the heat to don’t burn or undercook the rice.

Step 8: