Introduction: Dwarven Pipe

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Today I'm gonna show you, how to make a dwarven smoke pipe. I made it as a decoration for my dwarven costume. And in spite of I'm not a smoker, I would totaly smoke it! :D

Step 1: Materials and Tools

To make this cool smoke pipe you will need:

  • saw
  • piece of wood
  • some stick (I used dried twig from willow)
  • knife
  • drill

Step 2: Preparing the Wood

Take a piece of wood and cut it to desired lenght. Then tak a drill and start to make a hole. I had smaller drill so I made a few holes and then connected them to the big one. After that I adjusted it with a scalpel. At the end drill one smole hole where the smoke will go.

Step 3: Carving the Head

First step is some sketching job. Draw the future look on the wood so you will know, how to carve it .

Then there isn't much to say. Just grab your tools and start your work. I like working with tools like a scalpel because it is easy to operate and you can do a delicate stuff with it.

But be really careful! I cut my finger and it bleeded like forever :D

Step 4: Stem

I used a stem from my old pipe project so I don't have photos from making it. But I basically took a willow stick and took of the soft part from it with a wire. Then I cut it and carved a rune sign saying "The Smoke" in Czech (yeah..really original name, I know.. :D ) After that I put it in the main part and glue it. My last step was wrapping it with a thread and I also added a metal ring for carying.

Note: I put it together before I finished carving because I was impatient :D)

Step 5: The End

In the end I just made some last touches and then I applied a lacquer onto it (but if you want to smoke it, be sure to don't put it inside!!!). Then you should smoke it so it could make a carbon layer which will protect it from further burning.

Anyway, I made the stem from a willow, so I'm not sure, if it is toxic or not, because some scrub could be.

But I hope you like this project and I'll be glad for any comments! :)