Introduction: E-Guitar Pickguard + Pickholder!

Every guitarist knows the stuggle, where did my pick go...again!?

For this purpose i built a pickguard for my les paul styled guitar featuring holders for one or two pleks!

Note: i didn't expect the concept to work that well, the one showed in the pictures is not build that well, but i never made a proper one since it's working!

Step 1: Printing the Pickguard

The first step is to print the printguard. I have attached all the files i used to this step. You may want to smooth the edges, since they are kind of rough.

The pickguard featues mounting rails on the bottom to slide different sized pick holders into.

Of course you can just use your current pickguard and attach the pickholder with glue or tape.

Step 2: Printing the Pickholder

I've attached to different sizes of pickholders. While the version for one pick goes easily under you pickguard, the one featuring two pick slots might be to big if you have a carved top on you guitar.

I used a soft filament called ninjaflex to print the pickholders, but it also works with normal filament.

Step 3: Put Everything Together

Just put everything together...

Step 4: Rock!

Now you always got your backup pick with you and you're ready to rock the stage!