Introduction: E-lamp


1. Arjun Singh

2. Mahavir Dwivedi

3. Akanksha Dixit

Tired of lightening a lamp again and again using a candle?

I am sure it would be a hustle to look for oil in the wick during inauguration ceremonies. It so happened that we sitting for an inauguration ceremony at a place and the volunteers were fiddling with the inauguration lamp for a long time before it got lightened up. We kept thinking over the problem so cut short this procedure and turn it into a cool stuff. So here we had an idea that was an absolute electronic solution to the problem.

By the end of this tutorial you will be able to build a cool lamp for your home or even various other ceremonies back at your place. No hustle no bustle just switch it on and woahh !!!!! it glows like an exact lamp.

Step 1: Components Required

So, here are the components that you will be requiring:



1. MSP430G2553 microcontroller chip X 1

2. Coin cells (3.3V) X 2

3. Inductor (100mH) X 1

4. IR Transmitter X 1

5. A few colour LEDs

6. Resistors (220 ohm, 48 ohm) X 2

7. Slider switch X 1

8. Copper clad (to make PCB)

9. Push buttons (for reset switch)

10. Neodymium magnets/ normal magnets

(b) LAMP

1. MSP430G2553 microcontroller chip X 1

2. Warm bright LED (12 V , 3 Watt) X 2

3. IR Receiver X 2

4. REG 1117 Regulator X 2

5. BC 337 X 2

6. BC 547 X 4

7. Power Resistors (22 ohm, 5W ) X 4

8. Resistors (220 ohm, 48 ohm) X 2

9. Ceramic non- polar Capacitors (0.1uf) X 10

10. Push buttons (for reset switch)

11. Copper clad (for PCB making)

12. Adaptor (12 V, 1.5 A) / 12 V battery


1. CCS 5.0 ----- For programming MSP430

2. Eagle CAD --- for PCB designing

Step 2: Making the Schematic and PCB Designing for Transmitter and Receiver

For designing your PCB for the project you can make the PCB using Eagle CAD . The schematic for the both the PCB’s have been provided.

Step 3: Mounting Components on the PCB and Soldering Them

After you have made the PCB mount the components at their respective position on the PCB.

Step 4: Programming MSP430 for Both Transmitter and Receiver

The MSP430 for both transmitter and receiver can be programmed using the CCS 5.0 (Code Composer Studio) IDE from Texas Instruments . The ICs can be programmed by using the MSP430 launch pad by using the following steps:

1.Remove the 3 jumpers on the launchpad as shown in the figure.

2.Remove MSp430 IC from the launchpad.

3. The 4 pins required for programming the IC on PCB itself are VCC , Ground, Test , Reset which are provided on the launchpad.

4. Connect the four pins i.e VCC, GND, Reset and Test to the respective pin headers on PCB using connector wires. Now you can easily program the IC on the PCB by using headers provided on the PCB. Hit upload button on the CCS IDE and your both the ICs are ready for the lamp.

Step 5: The Working DEMO...

This is the video that includes complete explanation and working of the project .

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