Introduction: IoT Aqua (Intel IoT)

The project “IoT Aqua” takes into account the problem of oxygen level maintenance in the aquariums at home in case of power failure or absence of people at home for a long time. Also it takes care of right level of luminosity behind the glass at different hours of the day automatically by sensing ambient light intensity level.

As we know that with the increase in temperature the level of dissolved oxygen reduces.So, we have made the proper air circulation using servo motor.As and when the oxygen level decreases below threshold,the roof of aquarium immediately opens and closes until the optimum level is restored.

Step 1: Hardware Used :

1.Intel Edison Board with Arduino shield for interfacing sensors.

1. SEEED Studio Oxygen sensor

2. SEEED Studio Temperature sensor

3. Light sensor

4. LEDs (Red, Green, Blue) -3

5. Servo Motor

Step 2: The Work in Progress :

The IoT enabled smart aquarium is in its prototyping stage:

Step 3: How Does It Work ?

The entire setup is based on Intel Edison.The oxygen sensor and temperature sensor is implanted in the aquarium and light sensor on the outer wall of the aquarium. As and when the oxygen level within the aquarium goes below a minimu level, the servo motor that is fixed with the roof of the aquarium is actuated and it opens to let the oxygen level be restored to the nornal value. Also the temperature inside the aquarium is monitored and when it increses which can lead to suffocation of the fishes the roof is again opened.

The light sensor mounted on the wall of aquarium measures the ambient intensity of light and accordingly maintains the light intensity within the indoor of aquarium.

Not only this the owner can monitor the data remotely on his android phone by using MyMQTT app or any other device that is MQTT enabled.

Step 4: The Working Code

Step 5: The VIDEO

Here is the URL to the working of the project.

IoT Aqua