Introduction: EASY Kinect 3D Scanner!

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Hey Instructables community! 

In this instructable I will instruct you how to make a DIY 3d scanner using an XBOX-360 Kinect! This instructable is very easy as long as you are patient and follow my instructions in the video. Also, I explain how to correct and fix your image for a nice clean print on a 3D printer such as the UP. The best part, the project is free as long as you have a kinect.

The links for the downloads from the video:
GPU update from Nvidia:
inect software download from reconstrucme:
Netfabb cloud STL repair:

I am entering this contest to help others learn how to easily 3D scan items or people using the Kinect. When I first tried to accomplish this, I spent DAYS trying to figure out how to install the software and run it correctly. So, I created this instructable to easily show someone how to install the software correctly without error. Also, I am 14 years old saving up money for a 3D printer. I have been a maker / hacker since I was little and I have been dreaming of owning a 3D printer for YEARS! Please vote for me to help make my dream come true.

God bless.

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