Introduction: EBot8 Weather Station

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Hey there! CircuitryBrains here. We have come with a new brand project we are sure you would like!

We call it the Weather Station. It can accurately detect the temperature wherever you keep it!

Now you might be thinking why need this station when we already have our so-called smartphones?? Well, we have an answer to that. Our phone keeps showing the outdoor temperature that is being received from the satellites or the centers; but this can device can sense both your outdoor and indoor temperatures! So without wasting anymore time; let's make it!!

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

To make this project, we need the following materials:

  • Temperature sensor
  • EBot8 Board
  • LCD Display 16x2 (CBits Solutions Version)
  • Jumper Cables(Female to Female)

Move to next step to get coding

Step 2: Coding

You can go ahead and copy the very same code from the above image on the EBot Blockly app (available for all platforms.)

Wiring on the next step.(the easiest...)

Step 3: Wiring

Now let's set up the wiring:

  1. First connect the temperature sensor to pin A3 on the right side on the main Board (respective to its' pins.)
  2. Then, connect the LCD screen to the pin 0 on the left side of the board (respective to its' pins.)

And that's it!!!

Make sure your code has properly uploaded to EBot and then check the temperature!

Step 4: Demo

Want to see our Weather station in action?

Here's a demo video of it!!

Hope you liked our Instructable; if you did do please like our projects and follow us for more projects!!

Oh! and don't forget to suggest some more ideas in the comments section and we will surely respond!

Sorry for the bad quality video. We will surely try to make the best out of it from the next time onwards. :].
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