Introduction: EDC Vs Bug Out Bag

this is just a discussion for which has more importance bug out bag or everyday carry items and to help anyone who wants to create their own survival plan and doesn't have tons of cash.

Step 1: Everyday Carry Items

I have included a pic of some of the weapons I also have added to my collection. from a useful pry bar and hammer to a bowie knife and dagger. I typically keep one fixed blade dagger in my bag with me at all times. OK so edc is typically my glock 27 with at least one extra mag, an apocalypse folder with tanto blade, window breaker, and belt cutter ($10 on, and my Coleman MAX light (3 aaa) (cost was around $25 bucks). These items are on me at all times. I have heard of some people carrying huge hand cannons or compact pea shooters. and keeping a bag like a messenger bag with basic survival supplies or school backpack full of tactical (and impractical) gear. My choice is to keep the basics on me and a small bag tucked within a minute or two of my location and my bug out bag in my vehicle and all the rest of my survival gear in bags and boxes at home but stored ready to go within a half hour to an hour. I give it that long because I want to be sure my escape is clear and I have all that I need. I also want to avoid the initial panic.

Step 2: Bug Out Bag

OK so I use a field line tactical alpha ops day bag. it holds all my gear with room leftover. the molle webbing let's me add pouches like the small one on the front that holds my headlamp. In 2 pouches I keep my first aid kit. included are multiple gauze pads, bandages, alcohol and cleansing wipes, medications such as immodium, benadryl, pain reliever, sinus and flu pills. there is also a hemostat, scissors, and tweezers. along with antibiotic ointments and tampons(for bullet holes) and pads(for stab wounds) along with some medical tape. In another pouch is my survival basics. it hold small pouch of water, nutrition bars, drink mixes, 2 emergency ponchos, mylar survival blanket, lighter, waterproof bottle full of matches, 2 bottle openers, 2 can openers, handcuff key(you never know), and some fishing line(waiting on the hook). also in the bag are some fingerless gloves, a hydration bladder(bought at Walmart in hiking section) and several extra large zip ties. I might have left out something. like a bandana and some small binoculars. oh and I keep some safety shears, a metal file, and some multitools and a multi bit screwdriver in there too.

Step 3: Grab and Go Bag

some people may think that I'm crazy but this is what "usually" is in a bag within arms reach or 1-2 minutes of me. I also keep my gun knife and light on me at all times so I can get to my stuff. Should I call that bag a everyday carry version 1.1 or bug out bag 2.0 lol. I also keep a "grooming" kit with me that is useful for if I have to spend time away from home due to weather or work necessity.

Step 4: My Home Supplies

not gonna show everything but here's an idea. gotta have a long gun, keep the sidearm close, and I made that "hatchet". I also keep 150 rds(plus some) for my glock, 100-150 rds for my gf's walther p22 and several ammunition types for trade. in my house I have my blade and improvised weapon collection as well as my food and water storage. I keep my house supplies close enough to the exits where I can throw them out a door or window to a waiting vehicle. also I keep a tactical vest and other gear and weapons together with my alternate first aid kit.

Step 5: Yet to Come.

OK so this is what I still am looking to get. I want to look into hatchet carry that doesn't cut me or is too hard to draw. also looking into conversions kits for pistol to carbine for better accuracy, and I'm always on the lookout for cool armor mods and even for a vehicle that I can load up but easily carries my family.