Introduction: *EDIBLE* Instruments!?

Whats better than the sweat sound of music?

FOOD! So why not combine these two loves to create the ultimate combination? Look no further, this instructable is a step by step guide to food heaven!


All you need:

  • vegetables
  • clean drill bit
  • sharp knife

Step 1: Basic Shaping

For the purpose of this lesson I will be using a carrot but you can use whatever you want.

There are two main components to making this whistle:

  • the mouth piece
  • the finger holes

First of all top and tail the carrot, removing about an inch from the pointy end. Then take the drill bit and with fingers carve a uniform hole starting from the blunt end and ending just before the pointy end forming a cavity. Now shape the mouth piece (pointy end) to fit your mouth.

Step 2: Final Touches

To finish:

  1. cut a notch and diagonal (above image) about half an inch from the mouth piece half way through the drilled hole.
  2. carve a small piece of off cut to fill half of the chamber from the mouth piece to the notch.
  3. use a smaller drill bit to drill smaller finger holes.
  4. build as many as you can and start an orchestra with your friends!

Step 3: The Edible Part!

When your finished with your instruments why not make a creamy roast vegetable soup? Or how about some carrot sticks? Your imagination really is your limit!

Hope you have fun with this one; if you do please consider voting for me in the instrument contest. :)

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