Introduction: Pop Up X-Wing Card

This easy step by step guide will show you how to make a pop-up X-wing that looks great yet requires little skill. This is the perfect project for star wars fans of all ages regardless of skill set.


All you will need:

  • paper/card in black and white
  • printer
  • scissors
  • glue

Step 1: Cutting Out the Pieces and Making the Card

Print out the PDF above and cut along all perimeters and blue lines. Also remember to fold all of the dotted lines.

To make the card, fold a piece of paper in half and glue a smaller piece of black paper on the inside, allowing for a white border as shown above.

Step 2: The Wings

Make sure that you have cut all blue lines before folding and gluing the flap on the wings. Now interlock the pieces with the detailed side facing upwards as shown above.

Step 3: The Cockpit

To add the cockpit, lay the wings flat and glue the cockpit in line with the engines. Once the glue has dried, carefully pop the wings out to form the classic x shape we all know and love.

Step 4: Adding the Plane to the Card

Align the centre crease with the direction of the x-wing. Now, glue the the two legs so that when the card is open the wings are flat. Finally pop up the wings by folding the card in half.

I hope you find this paper project fun to make if you are in quarantine. If so please consider voting for me in the paper contest. :) :) :)

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