About: I am a sixty-five-year-old teacher from Portugal. I have several hobbies, but mainly I write poetry (when the muses are available), I paint and draw and I love woodworking.

As I have already explained, I have a granddaughter who is 14 months old next January 6. Now, she needs small toys that may create a link to Nature and all the animals children like so much, while having to think and elaborate to play with them.

As I was looking for something interesting to create a puzzle, I came upon a marvellous puzzle: an elephant family, with all the elements cut out, so that they can be together or separated.

As I have bought a Jig Saw recently, i decided to give it a try, but with thicker wood.

Step 1: Drawing It and Cutting It Into Pieces

First I had to draw the picture on thick watercolour paper and then I cut it into pieces so that I could print the image in a piece of pine wood.

As you can see in the pictures, the elements of the family are completely separated on the right and together on the left.

Step 2: Drawing It on the Wood

Then I had to copy the images onto the wood.

Above we have the same sequence.

Step 3:

Then I used my new jig saw and cut the pieces. As the wood is about 2.5 cm thick, is was a bit difficult, but patience and perseverance got the best of it.

Here we have two photos taken immediately after having cut the pieces.

Step 4: Sanding... and Varnishing...

Then came the last part: sanding. I had to try and sand all the edges so that Leonor does not cut herself when playing with it.

After sanding the set, I varnished it.

Here it is, with the elephants' eyes already carved. It's a nice puzzle for Leonor to learn about elephants.

Step 5: Last But Not the Least...

After having finished this puzzle, I must make use of my creativity and invent other sets with other animals, so that Leonor may receive a whole collection of wild animals, farm animals... I'll let you know about them when I have them all figured out! Hope you enjoyed this.

I have to confess that woodworking is something that really makes my day!