Introduction: EPIC Paper Lantern

This is an Easy Fast craft that looks cool and adds ambiance. This is a great piece if you are throwing a math party (wink wink ;). Or any party for that matter, it's an intriguing piece.


All you'll need is a pair of scissors,crisp folds, tape, and this template that can be printed out.

Lantern Template

If you're looking for extra crispy folds, a good tool to add to your arsenal is a Triangular Engineer Scale, it's great for making folds.

Step 1: Cut / Color (if You Want)

Step 2: Fold

- Fold each line both ways to make the assembly process easier.

- You'll want to make sure the black lines are on the inside when folding together the lantern.

Step 3: Tape

Tape the inside seams for a cleaner look or tape the outside if looking to speed up the process.

Start with the bottom row (Labeled 1), then work the rest of the way up

Step 4: Finishing

There are 2 options:

If you don't have a battery-operated tea light candle, there is the option of coloring and designing the lantern.

If you do have a battery-operated tea light candle, then you just leave the lantern white and slide the lantern right over the candle and you're golden.

Step 5: Enjoy

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