Introduction: EVE Online UI Setup


In this Instructable I will show you how I set up a new user interface for the Game EVE Online.

EVE is a VERY information rich game and to play optimally you will need a lot of information close at hand. It is very easy for this information to get cluttered on your screen and not be easily read and acted upon if you don't have some kind of organizational scheme. This is what I use and is primarily based off of the UI used by Otto Bismarck of the Neocom (Link to his post).

Step 1: Disable EVE Voice

Hit escape > Chat

Find EVE Voice.

Disable EVE Voice.

Step 2: General Settings

Ok now we need to change a couple general settings.

In the ESC menu go to the general tab.

Then enable "Lock Windows when pinned" & "Only Stack windows when shift pressed"

Then enable "Window Blur".

Find a color scheme you like (I prefer the dark ones) and set the opacity to around 75%.

Step 3: Seperate and Locate Windows

Hold down shift and then click on the "Corp" channel tab in your chat channels then drag it up to the top of the screen. Resize it so that it covers about 50% of the width of your screen and about a third of the height. Make the chat entry field as small as you can.

Then Click member list settings enable "Show compact member list"

I also turn on "blink on" all my chat channels and set them to small portrait mode.

Then make your local chat as big as you can without covering your system information area. Make sure you enable "Show Compact member list" and make the member list as big as you can. You are unlikely to care what is said in local nearly as much as who else is there.

This is also when I drag and resize my Overview as pictured.

I keep it towards the bottom of the screen and close to all my module controls.

I also drag my notification gadget over to the left and place it above the clock. To do this left click and hold and then drag to desired spot.

Step 4: Set Up Fleet Org and Comms

Next I join a fleet.

Then I take my two fleet windows and join them to my local window.

To do this hold shift, then click and drag the window over to the title bar where it says "Local" then release. It will add your fleet organization as a tab on the same window.

Do the same for the Fleet chat channel.

I stack these because if in fleet I don't usually have to see the fleet or fleet coms unless I'm flying logi, in which case they prefer I pay attention to fleet window and not be focused on local (No idea why but they sure did cuss about it).

As for fleet chat that's usually only used to link a destination and it takes my eyes off local for all of 2 seconds to click the link then go back to watching local.

Step 5: Set Up Chat Channels and Inventory

Next I join all my channels and put them in the same window as my Corp chat.

Just hold shift click and drag them to the top of the window you want them to nest in.

I also add my inventory here. This is optional but it keeps my inventory window from covering my screen should I loot something.

*OPTIONAL* You could use any overview setting you like instead.

Next I set up my overview.

I am going to use SaraShawa's Overview Pack

To use this pack you join a in-game chat channel and click the links one by one in order. In between each one it will ask if you want to load the overview settings hit yes.

Step 6: Scanning and Drones

Next I open my D-scan and Probe scanning windows and nest them together. Then I place them in the upper right corner and size them to fit between the top of the overview and the side of my chat window.

I also put my drone controls here.

The reason I stack these is that they are similar in function and you can only really utilize one at a time effectively. If on D-scan you can't also move probes, if moving probes you can't spam D-scan and if in a fight with drones out you should probably not be scanning.

Step 7: Targets

I then drag my targets down near my module layout. This is to reduce mouse movement when locking and shooting stuff.

Step 8: Roll Up Chat When Doing Anything Risky

You can "roll up" a window by double clicking a blank space on its title bar. This gets it the heck out of the way and means you won't be distracted by links to cute kitty pictures while you should be watching local and staying not dead.

Step 9: Pin All the Windows

Pin it all down so you don't mess it up on accident while furiously clicking in space to get out of a gate camp bubble.

That is all there is to it. Fly safe.