EYECOM - Eye Communicator

Introduction: EYECOM - Eye Communicator

EYECON - Eye Communicator is helping disabled people communicate, aid for disabled

It is focused for people who cannot talk and cannot use hands. EYECOM using Tobii Eye Tracker 4C for aprox 160 Eur for eye scanning and software for control mouse. Can be used on computers with MS Windows.

Must be very frustrated, if you cant express your desires, feelings and needs. With eye tracking is possible control computer just with eyes. For example look at glass of juice picture, if you want drink or ball picture if you want play. Comunicator tracking your eyes and speaks loudly what are staring on to inform nursey or care person.

Step 1: EYECOMMOUSE Software

EYECOMMOUSE software is open source avalaiable on http://www.eyecom.cz/downloads/
Source code is written in C# avaliable on https://github.com/bcsedlon/EyeCom

Software is controling mouse pointer by gaze and allows control any other software.

Screen is divided to adjustable counts of rows and columns (it is difficult control cursor so precise like with mouse, but simple if there is just big squares), by looking at same square for certain time mouse click is generated.

You can simply try control software without Tobii Eye Tracker and simulate gaze by mouse.

Controllable software could be any your favorite software with suitable controls or try on http://eyecom.cz/portal/

Step 2: EYECOM Webportal

http://eyecom.cz/portal/ is example interface with memory game, video player, communicator (look at picture what you want to express).

It is wriiten in JavaScript and can be used also offline.

Step 3: EYECOM Hardware

EYECOM hardware is Tobii Eye tracker 4C and Notebook Lenovo IdeaPad YOGA 510-14AST in a durable case. Case makes solution compact and portable on one hand and usable for small kids on other hand.

Case is made from plexiglass on both side and few plastic and metal profiles between glases. Cover plexiglass could be easily slide to slide out to control computer by touchscreen. Also computer could by slide out without disasembling of case.

EYECOM can be used on any computer with MS Windows.

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    Question 2 years ago on Step 3

    I would love to work with a developer who to design a system that will recognize eye blinking as Morse code. There are already aps that convert the sound of dots & dashes to letters on a screen, so that would also be an option, but a Bluetooth connection without the sound would be even better. It could also be used for commands to adaptive equipment. Any interest?
    Dave Boyt