EZ 3 Ingredient Pnutbutter Fudge / Faux Reeses Pnutbutter Cups




Introduction: EZ 3 Ingredient Pnutbutter Fudge / Faux Reeses Pnutbutter Cups

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There have been several easy fudge recipes online recently, I combined two, 2 ingredient "recipes" to make my own

Step 1: Shopping

I had been thinking about making this recipe for awhile, then while shopping I noticed that icing was on sale AND peanutbutter was on sale and so was the powdered sugar.. seemed like fate had stepped in

 2, 16oz jars of peanut butter, creamy or crunchy or honey roasted, what ever your favorite brand is

 1 can of chocolate icing and 1 of vanilla or buttercream I went with buttercream

 1 box of powdered sugar

Step 2: Peanutbutter/chocolate Layer

empty one jar of peanutbutter and one can of frosting into a bowl, microwave about 2 minutes on high them slowly mix in half a box of powdered sugar (about 2 cups) reheat if it gets thick to quick. When completely mixed pour into a large baking dish and set in refrigerator to begin to set

Step 3: Blonde Peanutbutter/buttercream Layer

repeat the steps above for the buttercream mix then pour over the chocolate layer and stir to swirl

 ok so you could probably do the 2 types at the same time and swirl them but this way I only dirtied one bowl and set of utensils

Step 4: For Halloween Party

for our after the haunted house get together I'll be adding red food coloring and a couple drops of hot sauce to make the devils fudge

Step 5: Enjoy

it takes several hours to fully set up in the fridge and this treat is VERY rich and sweet. I cut it into about 1" squares. Several people said they taste just like cold reeses peanutbutter cups,

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    LOL, it really IS that ez ! In fact I complicated it a bit, one recipe was just the peanutbutter and frosting and one was peanutbutter and powdered sugar. From the time you have all the ingredients on the counter to the time you put it in the refrigerator you should be able to make any one flavor in well under 10 minutes, even using a fork to do the mixing !!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I guess that technically there are 4 if you consider the different flavors as separate ingredients but then there are also 2 different fudges, one peanutbutter and chocolate and one peanutbutter and each only have 3 ingredients but then if you combine the 2 types of fudge there are actually 6 different ingredients . Then I talked about a variation that added 2 more ingredients so that's 8 or is it 6 or 5 or ....... wait........ now I'm confused....