Introduction: EZ Spooky Wall Hanging (a Trash to Treasure Ible)

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 A quick and easy Halloween wall hanging made with a recycled canvas

Step 1: Inspiration

I can't take credit for this idea, I got it from an online friend who also does Halloween big, their version was on a homemade tombstone but it was to GHOUL not to make my own version

Step 2: Materials

I had a canvas I had rescued from the curb but you could use any a piece of plywood or a store bought styrofoam tombstone or what ever, from the paint cabinet a can of white and one of florescent orange paint, out of the miscellaneous box a dollar store half skull and a can of expanding foam (this stuff is a home haunters dream material)

Step 3: Make It

I used a long straight edge and went corner to corner to find the center and then drew a line up and down and across the center making an 8 point star shape. I positio9ned the half skull a little above the half way point and traced it then used the foam to go around the line and stuck the skull back in place. I then traced the other lines and filled in extras as I thought they were needed. allow the foam to dry for at least several hours ( I didn't and the foam shrunk after I painted it)

Step 4: Painting

I used a white enamel to base coat the piece and then hit it with the florescent orange. The final painting will depend on where I decide it will go in the haunt but it will most likely be flat black

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