Introduction: Ear Bud Holder(tablet,computer,phone)

I always get frustrated when my earbuds get tangled up or lost. So I decided to make something that you can put on the back of your computer tablet etc. I present to you an earbud holder.

Step 1: Making the Base of the Box

First, take out a box to make it at the dimension of 2 x 1.286 x 2inch change the radius to 0.13.

Step 2: Making It Hole

Get a hole box make it at the dimension of 13/4x3/4x17/8in. Place it inside the solid box.

Step 3: Making the Clip

Make these three-parts out of boxes. The first one is 5/8x0.1x0.342. The second one is 5/8x1/2x0.1in. The third one consists of 5/8x0.83x0.4in. Combined like as shown above. Duplicate it and place it on the back of the box as shown. You could end here but I didn't want it to look boring so I added some spice to it.

Step 4: (Optional) Adding Cool Holes

Now take two cylinders and one box place it in the position as shown above. Now group everything and it is done.

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