Introduction: Earphone Shortener/Organizer (Clingy Critters)

Hate earphones that tangle, get caught on things, and want a solution that is With a little wood, this solution may be just for you!

Note: The instructable here will show you how to make a cat-faced one, any other shape applies, go wild!

Things you shall require:

A drill press



Enough plywood for your design [scrap wood was used]

Glue (Wood Glue or Elmers white is fine)


After getting yourself some good-old plywood (used 1/4 in), draw the design you want on it. Preferably, it be something small so it won't be bothersome. Draw squares, lines, and triangles where necessary to make cutting easier, as all the lines you'd need to cut will be straight.

Step 2: Draw the Special Rectangle

This is a small rectangle that is is not part of your design. Ideally, it has dimensions of 1cm x 7cm x (Plywood Thickness). This will be the part that will hold the wire together either when you're walking, or when it's in your pocket. Also, draw lines to divide it into squares that are 1x1 cm.

Step 3: Cut Out Your Cut-out!


Step 4: Accent Your Masterpiece

Using any combination of a chisel, dovetail saw, a power sander or your good 'ol sandpaper, this is a good opportunity to accent your wood and shape it.

Step 5: Drill and Cut the Rectangle

You need a drill press for this one. Drill a hole into the side of your rectangle as seen in the picture. The diameter of the drill but depends on the width of your headphones. At most, you will only need to do this for three squares, the rest is so you don't catch your fingers in the drill. After drilling, cut the squares and file the holes to smoothen them out.

Step 6: Assemble the Thing

Glue the drilled squares into one face of the bigger wood. The lines that are made by the drilling must be parallel to each other if possible.


By Finish it, I mean sand it, varnish it, wax it, etc. And thus, you shall finish your clingy-critter!

P.S.: The pictures are of an 'unfinished' piece (as in, this step 'finish'; it works doe). Reasoning behind which is that when things had to be shown, one had to be made from scratch ASAP.