Introduction: Earring Organizer From Two Frames, With Changeable Front

Using two deep frames I made a beautiful and practical organizer for earrings. The top part holds hook earrings while the bottom one holds stud earrings. I designed the box in a way that will give you the option to change the photo/image on the front. I also have a video on the process if you find it easier. Enjoy!

Are you ready? Let's get started...

Step 1: Items Used

You will need:

  • Two deep frames (mine measure 15x20x3cm each which is about 6x8x1")
  • Decoupage glue
  • Napkins
  • Nailfile/sanding block
  • Cling film (I used plastic wrap for food)
  • Good glue (I love Aleen's glues and used the original one)
  • Cardboard Sponge or foam (I used cheap kitchensponges for the bottom and a piece of thinner foam for the top)
  • A piece of fabric about 2.5cm (1") bigger than the frames.
  • Plastic sheet with holes (used in cross stitching)
  • Barbeque sticks
  • A strong magnet + brad or similar
  • A piece of string
  • Duct tape or hinges for the top inside flap
  • Hardware (hinges, feet, handle, a piece of chain)
  • (Glue if you glue on hinges. I used loctite repair extreme. I think E6000 might work too)
  • Basic materials like scissors, brush, ruler, a holepunch and pencil

Step 2: Decoupaging the Frames

  • Remove the frames' glass/cardboards and put them with the backs to each other forming the box.
  • Tie the frames together on the sides to make it easier for them to stay together.
  • Cut out a piece of napkin so it overlaps about 2.5cm (1") on the sides. Seperate them. Most napkins consist of 3 layers. The first one is easy to remove. To remove the other: wet one of the corners and tear the napkin a bit. This makes it easier to separate the last layer.

There are two ways you can decoupage:

Technique 1: Place the separated napkin on a piece of clingfilm with the back up. Carefully dab on decoupage glue and then lift the napkin with the film on top of the frames. Pull the clingfilm horisontally and vertically to remove any wrinkles. If you have a brayer roll over it all with it. Slowly and carefully remove the cling and let everything dry.

Technique 2: Brush glue directly on to the frames, then working from the side add the napkin, removing any wrinkles or bubbles as you go. You can use a dry sponge to push the napkin down without risking lifting anything up. Just be very careful as the napkin tears easily.

Let everything dry thoroughly.

Step 3: Repeat on All Sides

  • Using a scalpel seperate the two frames.
  • Use a coarse nailfile or sandingblock on the edges to remove the excess napkin.
  • Repeat this decoupage process on all sides.
  • When all sides are done, add a sealant or decoupage glue on top for protection.


If the napkin hasn't adhered properly and looks a bit white you can add a layer of decoupage glue on top. The glue will seep down through the napkin and remove this dry white part.

Step 4: Bottom Part

  • Add the glass and a piece of cardboard to the bottom frame. Keep it in place with those bendable metal thingies.
  • Add sponges so it covers the whole bottom. Mine were a bit too high so I removed the coarse part of them. You want there to be a little bit of room upwards for the earrings.
  • Cut a piece of fabric about 2.5cm (1") larger than the frame. Make sure you choose a piece of fabric that the earstuds can poke through. A cheaper piece of cotton would work great.
  • Poke the fabric down around the sides with something thin. Cut the corners (not shown) to ensure the fabric doesn't bunch up too much. Try to get the fabric taut.

Step 5: Top Part

  • Add the glass and a piece of cardboard (and photo) to the top frame. Make the cardboard and photo a couple of millimeters smaller than the glass. This will make it easier to remove and change. Keep it all in place with those bendable metal thingies.
  • Add a piece of thin foam and sheet of plastic with holes. You want there to be a space for your earrings between the plastic sheet and where the frame's edge ends (see photo).

Step 6: Top Part Continues

Now we're making the part that will hold the foam and plastic sheet in place.

  • Cut two barbecue sticks the length of the longer side of the frame. Glue them close to the plastic sheet.
  • Wait a while for the glue to start drying, but not until it's totally set. Carefully remove the foam and plastic sheet. Put a string of glue along the barbecue sticks to secure them even further.

Step 7: Flap for the Top Part

This part is needed so your earrings won't hang loose and bend while you close the box.

  • Cut a piece of cardboard so it fits exactly into the top part of the box. Decoupage it if you want. If you have the metal loop on the side you will need to cut out a piece for it to fit through.
  • Glue tiny pieces of barbecue sticks to the corners. You want them to be just a millimeter shorter than the frame's edge. These will create a distance for the flap so your earrings can fit in between.
  • Glue a tiny piece of barbecue stick to the middle of the top grill stick and glue a magnet there. Add a piece of metal/another magnet to the middle top of the cardboard.
  • Let everything dry.
  • Punch a hole through the cardboard, add a piece of string and attach it by making a knot on the back.
  • Attach the bottom of the flap with some tape or hinges.

Step 8: Final Details

  • Attach a chain to the inside and hinges on the back. The frames were really hard to screw in to so I glued the hinges on instead.
  • Add legs and a handle if desired.

Step 9: Admire Your Work :)

Fill your box with your earrings and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you did, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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<3 /Katarina

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