Introduction: Earrings Flashlights

I thought about a very common problem that has happened to everyone.

You are in darkness, so you want to take a flashlight, but as you do not see nothing you can not see where the flashlight it, and finding where it is will be a noisy waste of time.

So I thought, how about wearing the flashlight?

Step 1: Materials & Tools

  • Materials:
    • Superglue
    • Insulating Tape
    • Diadem
    • 6V Battery Holder
    • 3 AAA 1,5V batteries
    • Cables
    • Aluminium Paper
    • 2 Earrings
    • 2 Leds
    • 3 push-buttons
    • 4 led rectifiers
    • Tin
  • Tools:
    • Hot melt glue gun
    • Soldering Iron

Step 2: Make a Battery of Aluminum

Give the aluminum you have a battery shape.

Even though the battery holder is for 6V, we only need 4-5 V. By making a false battery, the circuit won't be open.

Step 3: Glue the Leds and the Battery Holder

Glue the battery holder in the middle of the diadem.

We want the diadem to be stable, the batteries (what weight more) must be in the middle to give stability.

Besides glue each earring to a led, whose legs must have been bent 90º.

Step 4: Circuit Diagram

The idea of this circuit is that, if you push the left button the left led will turn on, the same happen with the right push-button and the right led. And if you push the middle button the 2 leds will turn on.

On the circuit, we do not need resistance, take into consideration that the white leds support up to 4V, also the rectifier suppose a down of 0,7 V, so at the end to the leds will only reach 3,8V.

Step 5: Glue the Push Bottons and the Rectifiers to the Diadem

Stick the push-buttons (black) and the rectifiers (pink) to the diadem, you must take into consideration that there must be a bottom on the left other on the right and the other one left must be as near as possible from the middle.

The rectifier must not be changed side, the grey line must not be looking to the push-button, otherwise the led would not turn on.

Step 6: Tie the Cables

Tie the cables as shown in the circuit diagram.

Step 7: Solder and Cut the Legs That Are Left.

Step 8: Cover It With Glue

As you are going to put the diadem in your head, we do not want you to electrocute yourself or get some cables in your hair.

We are going to cover all the outer part of the diadem (with the exception of the push-buttons), and the legs of the led with hot glue.

Step 9: Thanks for Reading!!

I wish I have helped.

Please do not doubt of asking me anything.

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