Earthy Coffee Table Centre Piece

Introduction: Earthy Coffee Table Centre Piece

This is a nice house warming gift. Can be a simple Valentine day gift for the uncomplicated woman who appreciates the simple tings in life. It can even be a cheer up gift for the cold harsh weather as I trust you'll be indoors enjoying a Lovely cup of coffee and taking in the added aroma and beauty of your setting.

Step 1: Cleaning and Assembly

Use the vinegar to clean all glass objects using a soft cloth or tissue. Lightly dust off leaves, pebbles and seeds. Then gently place the pebbles to the bottom of the glass bowl. Place the smaller leaves (pine cone leaves) on top the pebbles and the larger leaves on top the smaller ones. Make sure its not flat but airy and spacious.

Step 2: Fill in the Gaps!

Place the twigs between the large spaces of the leaves then put the glass beads close to the edge of the inside of the glass but outside the leaves (not on top). Then use the pine cone seeds (or your choice) and coffee beans to further fill in the smaller spaces.

Step 3: What You Need

A glass bowl. Glass beads. White Vinegar. Coffee beans. Pine cone seeds and leaves. Other dried leaves (anything you like really). Twigs. Shiny pebbles... I decided to make this as I know you can use simple things to make beautiful gifts and home decor... Everything I'm using is from other things I was using it for.

Step 4: Alterations

If you wish you can add a candle in the middle.. Just keep watch over it and do not let the flame reach the leaves! This will also look awesome if u made it into a clear gel candle.

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    6 years ago

    I really like this centerpiece look! Thanks for sharing!