Introduction: Easiest Eggs Ever

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*If you’re a fan of breakfast like I am, but don’t always want to stand over the stove to make it? Then THIS is the solution for you!
~Fried eggs are great, hard-boiled eggs are better, but these easy oven eggs are simply THE BEST!
*They’re the perfect size for making English muffin breakfast sandwiches.... Pack’em in your lunches...Or even throw some in a salad later!
***That is why I always make extra!***
*They store well in the fridge~ In a sealed container~but I couldn’t tell you for how long! They’re never in there for more than a couple days, before they’re all gone!
}•{ So, without further ado… Here are the Easiest Eggs Ever!


>Muffin Tin
>Butter/Bacon Grease/Cooking Spray/Oil of Choice
^^This is really kind of a personal preference thing.
>Salt/Pepper to your liking
^^Or any other spices, really.....
>Be creative!! They’re your eggs!

Step 1: ~Prep Work

~To make this as quick as possible~
•Before gathering supplies, since you’ve already committed to an easy breakfast •
=>Turn your oven on FIRST<=
}}Preheat that baby to 375* F.
Got it? Ok, Good job!! You’re on your way!

Step 2: Down to Business!

}}} NOW {{{ =>Wash your hands... And~
=>Grab that Muffin Tin!
}}As liberally as you’re comfortable with, grease up as many of the muffin wells, as you plan to make.
• I only have two, half dozen, tins. I usually make all 12, at the same time. If you decide to do more; any adjustments are your call!
=>Wash those paws, AgAiN...That was the messy part~
=>Get out your Herbs and Eggs!
}}Lightly season the muffin wells.
}}Crack an Egg into each well.
}} Top off each one with a little more spicing to your liking!

Step 3: The Easiest Part!

=>Put your Egglove in the oven!
}}Bake At LEAST until the whites are set.
^^around 10 minutes is a good time to start watching. •Cooking time will vary, as all ovens vary. So keep track!
•But when you see the edges starting to pull away from the tin sides; That’s a good indicator that they’re pretty much done.

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