Introduction: Easter Egg Decoration With Rubber Bands

Here is a rubber band Easter egg decoration tutorial.

This is the way my family has been decorating eggs for generations.


- eggs

- egg color

- vinegar

- rubber bands

- bacon skin grease or cotton pad dipped in oil

For bunny:

- silk ribbon

- glue gun

- marker

Step 1: Preparation

Gather your ingredients and hard-boil your eggs.

I'm never sure how long it takes the eggs to be hard-boiled so I leave them for about 10 minutes to be sure.

After the eggs are done leave them in hot water because the need to be hot/warm for the coloring.

Step 2: Setting Up the Color

Read the instructions on your color and follow them!

Mine says to put the powder (color) in a cup and add boiling water, then mix and add a spoon of vinegar.

Step 3: Rubber Banding Your Eggs

This is much harder than it looks....

The eggs are hot/warm, and the rubber bands keep slipping...

Try to have your rubber bands tight to the egg surface as much as you can, the tighter they are, the better the finished pattern will look.

This is the part where you have fun!

Make patterns... make messy patterns... have fun!

Step 4: Color Your Eggs

Once you're done decorating your eggs with rubber bands dip them in the color.

The longer you leave them, the better the color will be.

You can also mix colors once you're done with some colors.

I mixed my red and my green after I did my solid red and green eggs... hoping to get kind of a purple tone... but it turned out quite black... LOL

Step 5: Soak Off

When you take your eggs out of the cup with the color, set them on a piece of newspaper and let them soak off until dry.

Do not take off the rubber bands yet!

Step 6: Removing the Rubber Bands

Once your eggs are dry, cross your fingers and remove the rubber bands.

You will notice that the lines look very sharp and good where the rubber band was tightly wrapped around the egg, and not so vivid where the rubber band was loose.

But still... fun and very old-fashioned.

Step 7: Grease Them Up!

Now take your greasy bacon skin or cotton pad dipped in oil and greasy those eggs up!

This is my favorite part... At this point you make them shine and the patterns take on another dimension, take their finished form.

Step 8: Display

Now that your eggs are done go on and display them, give them away, share them and admire what you have done!

Step 9: A Step Further... Make a Bunny!

This is how you will make the ears for your bunny.

Follow the images step by step.The size of the ribbon you will have to decide on yourself, depending on the size of your eggs or the size of the ears you want on your bunny.

Once your ears are done attach them to your egg with the glue gun.

Step 10: It's a Bunny!

Now in this final step, take a marker and draw you bunny's nose and eyes.

I'm not much of an artist... two left hands and very little imagination... but still people like to see a bunny in a basket for Easter no matter how that bunny looks ;-)

I hope you had fun and I hope you do try it yourself and post after my tutorial so that I can see and admire your eggies :-)

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