Introduction: Easter Eggs Coloring Fun

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This close to easter, Anna wanted to color some eggs. And like every year, Mom and Dad (my wife and I) joined the fun.
I just haven't had an idea what to put onto the eggs.
My wife and Anna started out coloring their eggs like we do every year. Drawing some green grass on the bottom of the egg, drawing a house on top or other things....

I really had a hard time coming up with something funny. Then my wife said "I'll draw a lady bug" (on top of the grass)...
And there was my idea.

Make a full sized bug out of a egg.

After I started my lady bug (I was almost through), I thought this would make a nice instructable. So I made a Bee which you find here as instructable. 

Step 1: Supplies

Supplies for coloring easter eggs should be fairly obvious. This is what you need:
  • eggs (fully cooked)
  • eggcup
  • markers (all different colors, food save if possible)
  • any other supplies for making necessary "animal parts" (like wax paper for the bees wings)

A thought about food save coloring:
Usually my family is very conscious about foodingredients and such. So coloring an easter egg is somewhat foodish, too. As you can see on some pictures, I used a black sharpie for outlining my bug. This started out because my wife was using the black marker at the time I needed one, too. Because we were only coloring the shell of the egg, we didn't feel bad about using sharpies and such. 
If you feel uneasy about using any marker you find at home, make sure to go out and get food save markers before you start.

Step 2: Outlining the Bee - 1

Start outlining your Bee (or bug) by drawing a split line around the egg (the equator of the egg).

Step 3: Outlining the Bee - 2

Draw a face ( need to have faces for bugs). Draw two little circles so you later know where to leave blanks for the bugs eyes.
After outlining the face, fill it with black (or any color you like).

Step 4: Outlining the Bee - 3

Bees have three body sections.
To get my egg as close to a 3-sectional insect, I tried to replicate this with 2 triangles on the sides of the egg and rounding the face off to the equator of the egg.

Step 5: Outlining the Bee - 4

Start outlining the stripes of the Bee.

While I was still drawing the lines on my Bee, Anna had almost finished her Lady Bug ;-)
It really looks as if she had fun...

Step 6: Color the Bee

Well, there's not much to say in this step.
Unfortunately, my egg was kind of brownish, so the yellow color wasn't that bright once it was on.
But at least the eggs are organic :-)

Just a quick tip:
Coloring with markers will rub off and get on your fingers. So when you have to move, turn or handle your egg, be careful not to touch any parts of the egg that have bright colors or shouldn't be colored at all.

Step 7: Adding the Legs

Again, not much to say here. Just make sure you don't forget the legs.

If you want to go crazy, you could make other animals, using something like play dooh for making feet, ears, eyes...  using the egg as the body of the animal.

Step 8: Add the Wings

The Bee's wings are made of wax paper. I just cut out a little shape without figuring out how big or small they should be(e).
It was all about the fun, so this instructable is not as accurate as some other of my instructables.
Only thing, a bee needs wings.

Aaah, I almost forgot. I used a drop of superglue to attach the wings to the Bee. I'll check whether or not this will have an impact on the egg's content before I eat it.

The second picture shows the finished Bee and Anna's and my Lady Bugs.

Step 9: Finish

Put all of your bugs, insects, animals, ... into an easter basket with some fake grass.
This makes for a nice decoration.

I'd just recommend to use it as a decoration if you have guests. Otherwise I'd recommend keeping the eggs in the fridge so they last longer.

Now go and make your own. Maybe grandma and grandpa would love to get some, too.
But don't forget - let your kids join in the fun. Don't keep it all to yourself ;-)