Introduction: Easter Eggs That Glow and Change Color

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Easter Eggs that Glow and Change Color

Tired of using the same old plastic eggs for your Easter Egg Hunt year after year. Do something different and have an Easter Egg Hunt in the dark! This Instructable will show you how to make inexpensive color changing glowing plastic eggs.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

1. Plastic Eggs (You can use what you have or buy new - White works best, but other colors will give interesting effects; I used 1-1/2 inch diameter [normal size] and 2 inch eggs. )

2. Color Changing Lights (I get these at the Dollar Store. The fake candles shown have a color changing LED in the base and a yellow flicker flame on top; they come with a coin cell battery - all for $1; amazing!)

3. Wire Cutters

Step 2: Destroy the Candle; Keep the Base

We want to remove everything and just keep the base, which has the battery, battery holder, switch and color changing LED.

You can get into the insides of the candle by carefully crushing it (you might want to have gloves on to avoid any sharp plastic). Once the wall is broken you can peel off pieces until it is all removed. Cut off the wires leading from the base up to the flicker flame LED at the base.

You should end up with only the base left.

Step 3: Cut Around the Switch and Battery Compartment

Use the wire cutters to cut around the switch and battery compartment. The plastic is so cheap that if you take small 'bites' it just snaps off. Take care to wear eye protection. You could use a coping saw or a band saw if you have it but the cutters work fine.

You end up with an 'LED module', just the center portion of the base that contains the battery compartment, battery, switch and LED.

Step 4: Drop the Remaining 'LED Module' Into an EGG to Light It Up!

Of course turn the LED on (you might have to pull a plastic tape). Then drop the LED assembly (what was left after removing the candle) into an Egg. Snap the Egg together and there you have it .... Glowing, Color Changing Easter Eggs!

Since the base is translucent white plastic and the inside of the eggs acts as a reflector the eggs light up pretty evenly!

Step 5: Have an Easter Egg Hunt in the Dark

Now, while taking appropriate precautions to avoid tripping on something in the dark and killing someone, hide the Easter Eggs and let your little ones go searching in the dark for what the Easter Bunny Left!!!

[I don't necessarily recommend putting candy inside with the electronics; probably nasty things used in manufacturing, and candy casts a shadow - But perhaps the eggs could be 'traded in' for special goodies.]


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