Introduction: Easter Wreath

this is a super easy and super fast way to create a good looking wreath for under 5 bucks,


Plastic eggs ( dollar tree)
Piece of cardboard
Exacto knife
Bunny decoration for the middle( dollar tree)
Fake flowers or decorative grass ( I have lots of that from past projects

Step 1: Cut a Circle ( Literally )

Grab a plastic bowl , draw and cut your circle .
Simple enough huh.....

Step 2: Arrange and Glue

Arrange and hot glue the first set of eggs all around the inner circle of your form, ( make sure they're all pointing to the same direction and in no order in particular... Unless you want to of course) , once you do that, do the outer circle , again with them all pointing in the same direction, now start playing around with flowers and their shape.... Have fun with it, now glue them down , having said this your unofficially done... If you want to add a little bunny, a bird, butterfly and decoration go for it, just remember it needs to be super light so it'll stay , like mine was a wire bunny that was way to long for the wreath so I cut the head and glued it on to the wreath on the eggs and TA-Dah your done!!!
On to the next Easter project!!!

Happy Easter!!!!!