Introduction: Easy Bacon Oven

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The Easy-bake ovens of the past use a light bulb to cook(harden) small recipes. Taking this step one further you can easily cook bacon with a standard halogen work light with no modifications.

The big box retailers sell these halogen work lights for around $12. You will also need some aluminum foil.

The workshop setting is my way of getting my recommended daily amount of bacon in secret...

You can also make grilled cheese this way ( yes I am that desperate)

Step 1: Make a Reflector

The heat output of the light at the safety cage is around 170 degrees F or 80 C. This is just enough to give you food poisoning... You will need to boost the heat.

This is done by making a reflector our of aluminum foil. The foil or torn from the roll at around the 9 inch mark. Then folded shiny side towards the light inside of the safety cage. Just form it in gently and try not to rip it.

You can fold one corner downwards to create a grease trough but that is strictly an advanced option...

If you are wondering I use a Fluke thermocouple attachment that reads in the mV scale on a standard multimeter... 1mV = 1 Degree either C or F.

The safety cage is ten snapped back into place for a quick temperature reading. The temperature shot up to around 330 degrees F in less than a minute. let the cooking begin...

Step 2: Insert Bacon!!!

You will want to point the light assembly down in the fron in order to prevent the grease from running everywhere while cooking.

Do not leave this unattended as the bacon will cook crispy in less than 5 minutes...

Position the bacon on the furthest most part of the reflector from the light. Snap the reflector in place in front of the lamp and turn the lamp on.

After a couple of minutes you will see smoke, hear sizzling and smell the glorious smell of bacon cooking. After 4 minutes you will have bacon cooked to perfection, crispy and ready to enjoy...

Step 3: Clean Up

The foil can be compacted and discarded or recycled with proper cleaning.

There may be some grease splatters on the protective lamp glass. Wait for the glass to cool completely ( it will shatter is you try to clean it hot) then use a grease cutting cleaner to wipe the glass glean.

Be sure to clean the lamp after each use as it may catch fire later as it builds up.

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