Introduction: Easy Bottle Cannon + Aerial View

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I first built this when I was little, I think I was about 8. It's been fun to relive building the bottle cannon, and it was cool watching aerial video of the bottle shooting up. I figure that other people will enjoy making this project, especially if they're kids. So that's why I made this instructable.

Step 1: Links to Parts Needed:

Soda Bottle,

Teflon Thread Seal Tape $0.87 USD

8 inches of 1/2 inch PVC Pipe $1.32 USD

1/2 inch PVC Coupling slip x female iron pipe thread connection(threaded on one end) - Only needed if you are using the Garden Hose Fitting 3/4" Female Hose x 1/2" Male Pipe Adapter instead of the 1/2" PVC Hose Adapter. $0.64 USD

1/2" PVC Hose Adapter - I didn't use this, but it should work just as well instead of the brass adapter and threaded coupling $2.59 USD

Brass Garden Hose Fitting, Connector, 3/4" Female Hose ID x 1/2" Male Pipe - This is what I used. You only need it if you are not using the 1/2" PVC Hose Adapter. $7.39 USD

Hose Shut Off Valve - Optional $2.99 USD

Optional Parts:

Broom or stick for extra safety,

Duct tape or zip ties for fastening the launcher to the end of the broom rod or stick.

1/2" one way check valve for finicky water supplies.

These parts would probably be cheaper in store vs online shopping.

Salvaging these parts as opposed to buying them would be nearly free! Perhaps ask around or talk to someone who works in home construction.

Step 2: Watch the Video for Further Instructions

Watch the Video For Further Instructions.

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