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Cook up these sausage, bacon, egg, potato & cheese breakfast burritos and freeze them ahead of time for complete and healthy breakfasts.

This recipe is also coming soon on my food blog: Michael's Test Kitchen

There isn't much of an exact recipe to these and you can choose how much of each ingredient you use. If you are more of a meat person, you can feel free to significantly increase the amounts of bacon and/or sausage in your burrito; just keep in mind that you may need more eggs to hold everything together. On the other hand, if you prefer more eggs to meats, then you can just as well increase the amount of eggs in your burritos.

Not only this but burritos allow the freedom to choose whatever toppings you desire. (Note: Toppings such as fresh chopped tomatoes and avocados won't freeze well with the burritos; however, you can put them on your burritos just before eating)

So have fun and enjoy!

Step 1: Ingredients

Ingredients: (makes 6-8 burritos)

6 eggs

1 lb ground sausage, uncooked

1 package bacon, uncooked

Salt and Pepper

1 medium bag frozen hash browns

¾ cup shredded cheese (colby jack, mild cheddar, mozzarella, etc.)

1-2 avocados

1 cup fresh diced tomatoes

Step 2: Sausage

Over medium heat in a nonstick skillet, cook sausage until completely done, and drain the fat. Remove from pan and set aside.


Over medium heat in a nonstick skillet, cook the bacon until completely done, and drain the fat. Remove and chop up the bacon.

Step 4: Hashbrowns

Dump hashbrowns into pan and fry them until they are cooked through.

Step 5: Add Them All In

Add the sausage and the chopped bacon back into the pan, and reheat them.

Step 6: EGGS

Whip the eggs, and then add to the hot pan with the cooked sausage, hashbrowns, and bacon. Stir occasionally until eggs are done cooking completely. Add the shredded cheese, and stir to completely incorporate.

Step 7: Fresh Ingredients

If you are planning on eating your burritos right away, now is the right time to prep your fresh ingredients; chop up your tomatoes, cut up the avocados, etc.

Step 8: Make It Up

Heat up a flour tortilla and then place a good amount of the egg mix onto it. Wrap it up with your optional toppings and consume. Or, save for later.

Step 9: Enjoy! (Or Freeze)


Also, there is the option of freezing your burritos until further use. Wrap the burritos in parchment or wax paper and freeze in plastic bags, preferably freezer bags.

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