Introduction: Easy Burger Press Patty Removal

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Everyone that uses a burger press knows that the burgers will stick to the bottom and make it difficult to get them out intact. Cooking sprays don't work long and just add oils or other flavors you don't need.

Step 1: Plastic Wrap

Cut a piece of plastic wrap that will generously cover the bottom half of the burger press.

Step 2: Put the Burger Press Together

Add the ring to the press being careful to keep the plastic wrap outside of the ring. It doesn't matter if there is some air under the wrap, it will press out when you press the patty.

Step 3: Place the Meat in the Press

Add the burger meat to the press and then press the meat into a burger patty.

Step 4: Remove the Burger Patty From the Press

Remove the ring from the press and turn the patty over. I place the patties on wax paper to keep them separated until I am ready to cook them. You can also wrap and store extras in the freezer for another day.

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