Introduction: Easy Carrot Soup Perfect for the Winter - 2 Minute Tutorial!

This has been my go-to recipe this winter and it never fails to warm me up during those cold days! Let me know if you tried it out and leave a comment with your favorite winter soup :)

Step 1: Prepare Your Vegetables

- 4 Carrots

- 2 Celery Sticks

- 1 Large Onion

Cut up the vegetables in small pieces, don't worry too much about the size since we will blend them later on,

Step 2: Assemble!

Grab your favorite soup pot and start assembling your items.

- First add in the vegetables

- Add the vegetable Broth

- Add the cup of 1/2 cup water

- Add 2 Garlic Cloves

Step 3: Boil Then Simmer

- You will need the soup to boil for 1 minute on high, then simmer on low heat for 30-40 minutes. The more time I have usually the more i keep the soup on the stove to simmer.

Step 4: Blend Blend BLEND

Here is the fun part (for me at least), once the soup has cooled down for about 20 minutes it is time to BLEND the osup!

Using a blender or a hand held blender, it's time to blend away the whole soup mix until it becomes a nice creamy texture.

*Note: If you find the soup to be too thick for your preference add some water until you get the desired texture.

Step 5: Spice It Up, Garnish and Serve!

- Based on your preference add some salt and pepper.

Next when it's time to serve garnish with some parsley and pumpkin seeds (option) and serve

I hope you enjoy this recipe, if you want to follow me step by step then you can watch my full tutorial here:

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Bon Appetite!