Introduction: Easy, Cheap Folding Workbench!

First post!

I was shopping around Home Depot when I came across a workbench they sell. It had a folding design and was basically 2x4's, one 2x6, and an MDF top. It was $79. I looked at it and thought, "I can make that".

So instead of buying it, I went to the lumber and hardware sections and got some supplies.

I also got a tape measure and took some measurements for reference later.

-4x 2"x4"x48"
-pallet wood (thin)
-4 nuts
-4 bolts
-8 washers

-some kind of saw preferably electric for speedy work!
-tape measure
-wood glue (optional)

Step 1: Table Top Frame

I built cut two 2x4s at 72" to get two pieces that were 72" and two that were 24". These together make the frame.

Step 2: The Legs

For the legs, I sawed 4 2"x4"s at 34". Then I cut the corners into rough triangles, to ease the next part.

Then I clamped all four legs together and sanded the triangle ends round. This will allow them to move later.

Next I cut four pieces to 20" 7/8, glued and screwed them to the legs for support. One near the bottom and one near the middle for each pair of legs.

Step 3: Put the Legs on the Frame

Using some long, thick bolts, washers, and nuts, attach the legs to the workbench.

I put them where I wanted them, clamped them drilled through both with the thickness of the bolts then put on the bolts with the washers and nuts and tightened them and moved to the next one!

Step 4: Table Top

Next I got some pallet wood I had lying around and cut them to 27" and screwed them on top!

Step 5: You're Done!

Now you're done! Either fold it up and put it away or start working on your next project using the workbench!

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