Introduction: Easy Cheesy Pizza

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Here I am making a delicious cheese pizza

Step 1:

I am using for the dish-1 cup flour,2 eggs, salt, 2 tomatoes, tomato sauce, oil,half cup milk, cheese, cooked chicken, scallions

Step 2:

Step 3:

add the eggs, one spoon full oil, milk and salt

Step 4:

Make a perfect daugh.Then role it.And make a round shape roti

Step 5:

put some sauce on the roti and spread it with the spoon

Step 6:

Now cut some pieces of cheese,scallions and tomatoes and put them on the pizza

Step 7:

take a pan and put the basis on it and put them on oven.Bake it for 10 minites.then take it off from the oven