Introduction: Easy Crochet Circle Bag Pattern!

Hello, Hello!! Today I am going to share with you guys a very simple crochet bag pattern. The bag is perfect for holding a small amount of necessities on the go. This pattern is quite simple and produces a very cute result! The pattern is easy to follow and a good project for beginner crocheters, however, I do not recommend you do this as your first project. Once you have mastered the stitches necessary for this project then creating it will be a breeze. Before you begin make sure you can read crochet patterns. I hope you enjoy creating this cute little bag! To be able to crochet this little bag you need to know how to do a single crochet stitch, an adjustable ring, how to increase, single crochet in the back loops only and chain stitch.


- Sc: Single Crochet Stitch
- Inc: Increase

-Rnd: Round

-St: Stitch


-Yarn (I recommend using Crafters Secret Cotton or Sugar 'n' Cream by Lily)

- A crochet hook that works with the yarn you have chosen for the project

- A stitch marker (If you don't have a stitch marker on hand, you can use a paper clip)

- A good attitude

- A crafty spirit

Step 1: How to Do Each Stitch

Sc - Insert hook, yarn over, pull through one loop, yarn over, pull through 2 loops.
Inc - 2 Sc in 1 Sc. Instead of doing 1 Sc in each St do 2 Sc into 1 St.
Chain - yarn over pull through, repeat.
Sc in the back loops - Sc in only the back loops of your project.

Step 2: Crochet Pattern!

-Rnd 1 - 12 Sc into an adjustable ring.

-Rnd 2 - 2 Sc in every St around.

-Rnd 3 - Sc in the St closest to your hook, then after you do that do 2 Sc in the next St, repeat.

-Rnd 4 - Sc in all the Sts around. In the back loops only. (Picture is above for reference).

-Rnd 5 - Sc in the 2 Sts that are closest to your hook, then after that do 2 Sc in the next St.

-Rnd 6 - Sc in each St around.

-Rnd 7 - Repeat Rnd 5.

-Make 2 Circles-

Step 3: Putting It All Together

Place the 2 Circles together, then Sc around as if the 2 layers were 1 layer. Do this until the opening on your bag is as big as you want it to be. Next, chain until it is big enough to fit around your body. And secure to the other side of the bag. Then with the ends that are hanging off the side, tie them all together in a knot. You can fray the ends as much as you would like (picture is above for reference). Now your circle bag is finished!

I hope you enjoyed crocheting this little bag!

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