Introduction: Easy Crochet Ear Warmer

This instructable will teach you how to crochet a cozy ear warmer. Beginners will have an impressive piece to show off and the more experienced crocheters will find this a quick and satisfying project. This project will include chain stitch, slip stitch, and double crochet.


Ch = chain stitch

Sl st = slip stitch

Dc = double crochet


  • Yarn (bulky or super bulky)
  • Crochet Hook (8 - 10 mm)
  • Scissors
  • Button
  • Thread
  • Sewing Needle

Step 1: Chain Stitch the Foundation

Row 1: Ch 48. Sl st to join to first Ch.

Attach the yarn to your crochet hook by making a slip knot. You'll want to be sure to leave a few inches of the end of the yarn hanging off.

To make a chain stitch, hook and wrap the yarn over your crochet hook (called a yarn over). Pull the yarn through the loop already on your crochet hook. Now you'll have a new loop on your hook, but also started to form a chain. You will make 48 chain stitches for an adult sized ear warmer. You can also test the size of your ear warmer by wrapping the chain around your head and adding or subtracting the number of chains appropriately.

Once you've completed your chain stitches, you'll attach the ends of your chain together forming a circle by completing a slip stitch. Push your hook through the first chain stitch, yarn over, and pull through both loops. You should have one loop on your hook and your chain stitches should be connected in a circle.

Step 2: Double Crochet All the Way

Row 2-6: Ch 2. Dc in each stitch (48). Sl st to join to first dc.

First, make two chain stitches. Then to make a double crochet, yarn over and push your hook through the first chain stitch on your foundation. Yarn over again and pull it through the first loop. You should have three loops on your hook now. Yarn over and pull through the first two loops on your hook. Yarn over again and pull through both of the loops on your hook.

Repeat this double crochet in every chain stitch of your foundation. You should make 48 double crochets (if you adjusted the size, then you'll do as many as you adjusted to in the last step).

After you've made your way around the entire circle of stitches, attach the ends by slip stitching into the first double crochet you made. Repeat the two chain stitches and 48 double crochets 4 more times for a total of 5 rows.

Step 3: Tie Off and Weave Ends

After slip stitching your final double crochet row, cut the yarn a few inches away from your hook. Yarn over and pull the yarn end through the loop all the way. You can put down the hook and pull the yarn end tight. Then using your crochet hook to grab the yarn end, weave the end back and forth through your completed piece so it blends in and won't unravel. Cut off any excess yarn that may be sticking out. Remember to also weave the other end of the yarn from your starting slip knot.

Step 4: Add the Finishing Touch

Cut off a length of yarn about 8 inches. Find the seam on your ear warmer and directly across from that pinch the sides into the center. Take your length of yarn and wrap it around the pinched area a couple times and pull it as tight as you can. Tie a secure square knot and cut off the excess yarn. Using a needle and thread, sew on a button of your choice to the pinched spot.

Congratulations! You've finished a cute and cozy ear warmer!

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