Introduction: Easy Curtain Rods

I have odd sized windows, one is over 130" long! UGH! On a limited budget its not easy to fine rods that are affordable, everything was over $100. So PVC To the rescue!!! Heres what you need:

1/4" PVC Pipe


Simple White End Caps

Gorilla Glue or strong adhesive


Spray Paint

Drawer Pulls

Rod brackets

Step 1: Painting and Prep

Cut rod to size, some home improvement stores will cut it for you but with a small investment in PVC nippers you can cut it yourself.

Paint both the rod and the caps and let dry, I waited about 3 hours to be safe.

Drill in the cap the size of the screw from the drawer pull.

Step 2: Add Finials

Once the Pull is threaded through the hole and secure with washer then fill with Glue to be sure of a tight fit.

Let dry overnight.

Step 3: Hang Your Curtains!

Hang brackets. I used a simple wood bracket from Hobby Lobby (under $7.00).

NOTE: Keep in mind that PVC is light and strong but needs support, always use a center bracket to keep your rods from pulling out.

Put one finial on and load up your drapery, end cap!

Its rich and looks amazing best of all you probably spent less than $10 on the rod and cap alone! I did 4 windows for less than $50!

Clearance and spray paint is your best friend!

I have started collecting drawer pulls and door knobs for future projects. If I do not like a color of something, I just paint it!