Introduction: Easy DIY Drawing Robot From Simple Stuff

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Here is how I made this easy drawing robot for my kids.

All stuff can be available at your hand.

You too can make this little drawing robot for your kids during so little time and using things you already have at home.

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Step 1: Components

  • Plastic Cup
  • Toy Motor

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  • Plastic bottle Cap

  • Tape

  • 9V Battery

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  • Color Pen

  • Crocodile Clips

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  • Glue Gun

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Step 2: The Motor

Put some glue inside the plastic cap on one side to make it unbalanced.

Now we want to make a small hole in the plastic cap.

Use a small screw to make it.

Then put the motor shaft through the hole.

Step 3: Assemble the Robot

Use the tape to fix the motor on the bottom of the plastic cup while it's in upside down position.

Attach the battery to the plastic cup.

Attach the color pen to the cup so its tip is slightly shifted over the top of the plastic cup.

Secure the crocodile clips using the tape. This makes them fixed and don't get disconnected.

Step 4: Test It

Now connect the crocodile clips to the battery terminals from one side and to the motor terminals from the other side.

Put a white paper under the robot and let it move smoothly.

Thank you for reading.

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