Introduction: Easy DIY Hummingbird Swing

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In this Instructable I am going to show you how to make your own hummingbird swing with some things that everyone has lying around the house. This will only take about an hour to make and doesn’t need any special tools. You can attach anything you want to your swing, my design is just meant to inspire you into making an attractive perch so your hummingbird can rest after drinking from your feeders. Just make sure you have plenty of red on your swing to help attract them.

Step 1: Materials

10 gauge copper wire

Thin green wire

Costume jewelry beads (preferably red)

Any plastic red jewels or do-dads


Wire cutters

Needle nose pliers

Step 2: Shaping the Wire

Take the 10 gauge copper wire and start bending it into the shape of a fat bottle. I just used my hands in this step, but feel free to use some pliers when making sharp bends. Once you have the size and shape that you want, twist the extra wire around the frame and then twist into a fun shape at the bottom (optional).

Step 3: Adding the Cherries

I wanted to make it look like there were cherries hanging from the frame, so I strung two onto the green wire and twisted them onto the top part of the swing. Repeat on the other side.

Step 4: Finishing the Swing

I used the same process on the bottom jewels, and then I used the costume jewelry as the hanging cord. Make sure to hang it close by your hummingbird feeder so they will be inclined to rest on it. Thanks for viewing this instructable! I hope you liked it. Don’t forget to favorite it and subscribe to me! Post a picture if you make one.

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