Introduction: ORIGAMI BATMAN TUTORIAL (with Video!)

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An amazing origami design I created that captures Batman’s likeness. All it takes is a one-sided black paper. This design isn’t hard, so even first time folders will breeze right through this tutorial. Don’t forget to vote for it in the 2020 PAPER CONTEST! Thanks!


Black one-sided origami paper. You can buy this at most hobby shops. I buy mine at Hobby Lobby.


I highly recommend using my video to fold “The Batman”.

But I have also included a step by step photo tutorial in the pages below if you prefer that.

Step 2: Preliminary Folds

I’m using a green paper for the instructable because black doesn’t show the creases well in photos.

Start with white side of the paper up. Make a pair of diagonal folds and unfold. Then fold the sides to the middle crease and unfold. Repeat on the top. Now fold the top down to the center crease, but only make a tiny mark fold. Fold the bottom up to this mark fold, but crease only between the 2 side creases. Lastly fold the top down until it’s sides touch the 2 outer creases. Then, using the creases made earlier, fold the sides back to the center making a pair of rabbit ear folds. Flip the model over.

Step 3: Making the Mouth

Valley fold the bottom portion up from an earlier crease. Then fold the point back down along the center crease. Unfold and flip the model over. Now fold the point up from an earlier crease. Then fold the paper down so a crease lines up with the bottom. Now make a squash fold as shown in the photos. Fold it back down to expose the white, representing the mouth. After that, mountain fold the tip back inside to lock the model.

Step 4: Folding the Eyes

Fold the small flaps over as shown in the photo. Then valley fold them towards the center. Now take the points and make a squash fold to flatten the each eye. Next, Fold the points up to expose the white. Mountain fold the top portion to finish the shaping of the eyes. You can adjust them to make him look more angry or surprised.

Step 5: Making the Ears

Make a squash fold on the top portion as shown in the photo. Then make a valley and mountain fold on each side to fold the ears up. Valley fold the top portion as far as it will go. Lastly, mountain fold the edges of the mouth so they are more square.

Step 6: Final Shaping

Mountain fold the sides in as shown. Then make a mountain fold on the bottom and top of each side as shown in the photos to finish the shaping.

Step 7: Finished!

Thanks for reading my instructable. I hope you enjoyed it! Post a picture if you fold it. Also, don’t forget to vote for me in the 2020 Paper Contest! Thanks!

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