Introduction: Easy DIY Serving Tray Using Decorative Paper

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Summer has finally arrived, and with the warm weather comes the perfect opportunity to entertain friends and family! I’m totally pumped to take advantage of our new patio this summer, so I’m getting all of my entertaining supplies out and perfecting my cocktail recipes (mocktails for me). Today I’m sharing a super easy tutorial for a DIY serving tray that basically involves gluing paper to an existing tray. So let’s get started!


Here’s what you’ll need for your DIY serving tray:

Step 1: Remove Handles

Begin by removing the handles from your tray with a screwdriver. This tray from Wayfair worked perfectly for this project, but they have lots of other options if you want a different style. Take note of where the handles are placed by writing down the measurements of the holes.

Step 2: Measure the Paper

Begin by taping your pieces of paper together on the back side, making sure to line up the pattern on the reverse side. Trace the sides of the tray on the back of the paper.

Step 3: Cut the Paper

Cut out the rectangles just inside the pencil lines.

Step 4: Make Glue Mixture

Mix three parts Elmer’s Glue with one part water, stirring with a foam brush.

Step 5: Apply the Glue

Apply the glue mixture on one side of the tray, making sure to go right to the edge of the tray. Attach the corresponding piece of paper and then apply another layer of the mixture to the front surface of the paper. Wipe any excess from the edges with a paper towel. Put a bit of glue in between the two pieces of paper where they overlap. Repeat this process for the remaining three sides of the tray.

Step 6: Re-Attach Handles

Let it dry thoroughly, and then re-attach the handles to your tray using a screwdriver. And your DIY serving tray is finished!

Step 7: More Info

To see more images, find out what you shouldn't do with this tray and get my favorite mocktail recipe, head over to my blog Design Fixation: Happy crafting!

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