Easy DIY Disposable Face Mask

Introduction: Easy DIY Disposable Face Mask

Easy to make face mask. Yes, it's not N95, however it's comparable to fabric DIY face masks... And it's much easier to 'build new one' without need to get a sewing machine...

Step 1: Materials Needed...

You need a paper towel roll, two binder clips (preferably biggest size), and two rubber bands...

Step 2: Prepare Parts...

  • Tear two sheets of paper towel (or if it's bigger one, fold just it in half)
  • Insert rubber bands into the binder clips

*** Depending on the density of a paper towel, you can use 3x layers, or insert Kleenex tissue between layers

Step 3: Assemble...

  • Fold sides of the paper towel. I personally prefer dividing side in half, then fold each half 3x time.
  • Attach binder clip to the side
  • Remove silver loops (just squeeze them, remove one side and then another)

Step 4: Done...

Face mask is ready. Just put it on the face, and get rubber bands behind your ears.

And if you need new mask, just insert loops into the binder clips, remove old paper towel, and replace with a new one.

PS. Just keep a roll of paper towels in your car... And don't forget binder clip handles...

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